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Having captive portal management such as the Kiwire® platform in your enterprise will enable you to provide a secure and easy to access guest WiFi service, while providing visitors an interactive, engaging and informative visit to your premises.

“Nice and Secure”

Our platform provides a separate connection for the business, meaning that any commercially sensitive information is secure and can’t be accessed by guests. So the connections stay fast and secure, in line with Wi-Fi best practice compliance guidelines.

What’s more, if you are engaging your visitors via social media, your company’s website search ranking will be strengthened.

Easy to Use
Provide staff and BYOD to connect to public wifi using their own login or via following identity management system :

  • Microsoft active directory
  • LDAP v2/3
  • Database

While provide your guest or visitor with an easy to connect option, such as required them to sign in using their email address and approval to connect from member of staff via email confirmation or QR code scan to approve their connections.

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