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Students view campus Wi-Fi as a utility, not only in the classroom, but especially in the residence hall—as basic as electricity or running water.

Accessing high-bandwidth video, gaming, class materials, and social applications is a large part of engaging in campus life. By asking students to spend years at your institution, you need to be prepared to give them the same kind of social, mobile and connected experiences on campus that they have at home.

To do this, you need to onboard and manage thousands of diverse devices without creating headaches for users and the help desk, deliver consistent performance across every dorm room with access points built for education, and accommodate guests using University Wi-Fi, without compromising security.

Ease to Integrate

Works with your hardware & software infrastructure. Establishing our solution is simple.

If you don’t have any network infrastructure, use one of our enterprise networking router.

Already have all the network hardware? Then simply use our software with your current network. Don’t worry about guests & student having access to your private network because our solution creates an additional isolated network just for the guests. Control guest & student bandwidth so staff still have enough bandwidth for their daily activities that are priority.

Our platform also are able integrate with your existing campus or institution identity management platform such as Active directory , LDAP , Database and other means.

Secure Onboarding
Kiwire® offer an secure onboarding via multiple method such as , authenticate user via campus identity management platform such as

  • LDAP
  • Radius
  • Microsoft active directory
  • Database*
  • 802.1x
  • Eduroam

Content Filter Wi-Fi
our content filtering option automatically blocks inappropriate content, ensuring the WiFi is learning-friendly.

Broadcast Message
using our captive portal campus administrator can perform campus wide broadcast of emergency message or key information for dissemination.

Fair Policy Option
Assign profile to each shopper so they are not able to abuse the free wifi experience and ensure a great experience when using the Wi-Fi services.

Location Aware Content
Our built in zone definition tools let you define zone within your campus/institution and offer relevant location based promotion when user login via our smart campaign engine.

Allow you to discover unique visitors, dwell-times and walk-by conversions, as well as uncover hotspot within your campus using Omaya Presence technology.

Lawful Intercept 
Comply to local law legislative on network user activity.

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