“Wi-Fi has become the medium of choice. 2/3 of modern consumers prefer using Wi-Fi over cellular”

Get Kiwire™ to manage guests Wi-Fi experience and provide secure and reliable Wi-Fi services while they patronage your café.

  • Limit no of user connecting to wifi : to ensure adequate bandwidth is given
  • Control each user bandwidth to prevent abuse
  • Social login for marketing information

A Better Customer Experience

A visually pleasing branded login page makes it easier and more appealing for customers to access the Wi-Fi.

The Ability to Build Targeted Marketing Lists
Kiwire™ Wi-Fi collects, segments and stores contact information from every guest who signs on to your Wi-Fi.

In-Store Analytics
Allow you to discover unique visitors, dwell-times and walk-by conversions, as well as uncover the success of promotional campaigns.
Execute real-time promotions to drive in-store sales, encourage repeat visits, improve loyalty and retain at risk customers.

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