Bars and Restaurants are the Perfect Venues to Offer Free Wi-Fi.

Get Kiwire™ to manage guests Wi-Fi experience and generate more brand awareness for the venue.

  • Limit no of user connecting to wifi : to ensure adequate bandwidth is given
  • Control each user bandwidth to prevent abuse
  • Social login for marketing information

Make The Connection

Have your customers come in and connect to your WiFi and like you or follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Then they can share all their experiences online with photos and videos of your venue. Have a special promotion for next week’s clubbing event? No problem, simply share coupons with your guests and have them share with their friends on Facebook. Make your event the biggest and most fun event possible.

Reward Return Visits
Kiwire™ enables the venue to see who is visiting and how often. This valuable information can then be used to target customers with relevant promotions, menu updates and event information even inviting them to enjoy a bottle of wine on the house on their birthday.

Monetize your wi-fi
For larger, multi venue businesses, third party advertising can also be incorporated into the Kiwire™ campaign offering, which can present its own revenue stream as drinks promoters battle to offer exclusive promotions for limited periods of time.

Schedule Emails as Reminders
Want to bring your customers back for more fun parties? Easily email them with email manager that has built in templates and content. With it you can get in touch with them in no time. Already have all your events planned way in advanced? Schedule out your emails so they go out before the event and so you don’t forget to send them out. Show your appreciation for your guests with birthday rewards to have them celebrate in your club with all their friends.

Improve Your Services
Want to gather feedback? Use our built in survey engine to gather feedback on your bar and improvement.

In-Store Analytics
Allow you to discover unique visitors, dwell-times and walk-by conversions, as well as uncover the success of promotional campaigns using Omaya Presence technology.

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