Kiwire 1.6 System Administration

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This chapter provides all the instructions and procedures necessary for system administrators to manage the Kiwire on your infrastructure. Logging into Kiwire To access Kiwire, open browser and type “http://yourkiwireip/admin/” for example if your Kiwire installation IP is your url will be “http://192.168.01./admin” in the address field. Input the default username and password details […]

Kiwire 1.6 Preface

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This documentation introduces the features, options, and enhancements that are new with this Kiwire release. This documentation also provides readers with a list of titles and a brief description of the technical documentation available with this release. About Kiwire Kiwire is a single platform that enables your customers to offer guest or user , Wi-Fi […]

Kiwire 2.0 Table of Contents

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Directory Kiwire 2.0 Preface Kiwire 2.0 Change Logs Kiwire 2.0 Licensing Kiwire 2.0 Login & Dashboard Kiwire 2.0 Cloud Kiwire 2.0 Configurations Kiwire 2.0 Integrations Kiwire 2.0 Devices Kiwire 2.0 Login Engine Kiwire 2.0 Policies Kiwire 2.0 Accounts Kiwire 2.0 CPanel Kiwire 2.0 Campaign Kiwire 2.0 Finances Kiwire 2.0 Reports Kiwire 2.0 Help & Tools […]

[UPDATES] KIWIRE Latest Features

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We are excited to provide a short introduction to our latest Kiwire software updates. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from it! Fake E-Mail Detection Are all your customer emails fully validated using basic sign-ups? The short answer is no. Majority public users tend to rush the registration phase just to gain […]

Kiwire 2.0 – Equipment Comparison Chart

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Support Time Limit DNS Wallgarden or Whitelist Bandwidth per User Support Data Volume Cap per User Support Note Aruba Bandwidth user per user not tested, required add on license. Cambium Cisco WLC Pending testing. CoovaChilli Fortinet Per user support by means of grouping in Fortinet Support only IP based whitelist FortiWifi (Formerly Meru) Meraki (MR/MX […]

Kiwire 2.0 Device Configuration – Huawei AP5030DN (FAT Mode)

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Configuring Portal Authentication for Wireless Users 1. Navigate to Wizard. 2. Click “Create” to create SSID. 3. Enter SSID eg: HUAWEI-8300 4. Security setting: Portal 5. Portal server : External Portal Server External Portal Setting 6. Enter Server template name (any name for own reference) 7. Enter Server IP address : Kiwire IP 8. Port […]