SynConnect is comprehensive, scalable and upgradeable - providing you everything you need now and into the future to offer high-speed Internet to your guests.

Best of all, SynConnect utilizes state-of-the-art, cutting-edge wired and wireless technologies in all its networks so that your Internet service won't become obsolete. Your SynConnect High Speed Internet Services will be fully accessible to the more than minimum of 200 concurrent users depending on hardware setup.

Connecting to our network is as simple as 1-2-3. Open your computer, computer automatically connects to the network, guest or users login and away they go. Once connected, users will be able to roam freely throughout your entire hotel via room and wireless connectivity, all while staying connected to SynConnect high-speed Internet service.

We can provide High Speed Internet Access to the following properties:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts / Inns
  • University
  • Airport lounge
  • Conference Centers
  • Apartment / Condominium

SynConnect is a solution that we built to put together the most intelligent solution possible for your property.  In doing so, we significantly reduce the number of end-user issues related to connectivity and interacting with the network.

In short, SynConnect provide;

offerings that beneficial users:

Offerings that beneficial to You:

SynConnect Technology

Identiy Management

  • User and Group creation facility
  • User synchronization with Hotel Front office system
  • Prepaid and Post paid user support
  • User suspend and activation
  • Multi level Admin access to web console.
  • user login page branding
  • Historic usage report.
  • Hotel Business Center PC control



End point security

  • Plug and play network , Zero config / AnyIP
  • Supports both static and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses.
  • Captive Portal
  • Bandwith Control
  • Vlan management
  • P2P control
  • QOS packet
  • Adaptive DNS.
  • Transparent SMTP.
  • Wall Garden to allowed certain site to come without authentication
  • SNMP V2 support for Switch intergration
  • Firewall security enable at all time.
  • Layer-7 packet decoder built-in
  • Multi-layer Web Application Firewall security (for transparent surfing)

Usage Policy

  • By User or Group
  • Allowed access time ( eg , Mon till friday only )
  • Package creations based on
    • Fixed time
    • Countdown from available time
    • Free access ( VIP )
  • Flexible billing function
  • Billing connetivity with Front office system or Cystal Report.
  • PrePaid and Post Paid account
  • Support Label Printer
  • User monitoring report
  • Hotel Month end Report for revenue



SynConnect Key Technologies

  • Dynamic Address Translation / AnyIP
    Provide connectivity to user for accessing the internet regardless what setting or IP address user have DHCP is provided as well

  • Captive portal
    A main customizable login page for user to login whenever user start an internet browser

  • QOS, Bandwidth control, Layer 7 Technology
    Control user network bandwidth , provide priority traffic and protection against peer to peer ( p2p )



Login Screen ( Html 5 )

Main Dashboard for admin

Configurable login screen theme from themepack or upload customized login page to system.

User Account Managment

User Browser statistic

Front office interface intergration for Payment posting and report

Prepaid Slip printer.