Our Customers

Customer focused 24/7/365
Whether you run a small office, a multi-site business or a global operation Synchroweb has the right IT solution for you. We specialize in companies with under 100 employees, serving a diverse range of industries from manufacturing and design to healthcare and technology. Most of our customers come to us by word of mouth. Our reliable services, reasonable prices and exceptional customer support have earned us an exceptional referral rate. From sales through implementation and beyond, you can count on the Synchroweb team. We do whatever it takes to ensure your confidence and peace of mind - so you can focus on your real business.

Some of our happy customer are :

Manufacturing industry

Ae Tech Sdn Bhd

Ae Tech Sdn Bhd first user in asia for Oracle 9i RAC technology with Linux and DELL emc storage series, we help implement and support their system since 2001

LB Alumminum
We help implement a total groupware infrastructure solutions for LB Alumminum berhad manufacturing plant, which help them to drive down the cost of implementing propierty messaging platform.
Motorola Penang Malaysia
Together with DELL, Synchroweb provides 24x7 Annual Preventive Maintenance Support for Motorola’s Servers which includes RedHat Linux Clusters, OS Installation Services support, System Health Check, recommendations, reporting, updates on firmware and patches and Re-configurations of cluster heartbeat.

Perodua : Research and Development (Malaysia)
Perodua , Malaysia leading local automotive company that provide safe and afordable car to malaysia. Synchroweb has been providing 24x7 Linux SAN Preventive Maintenance Support which include System Health Check, recommendations, reporting, firmware and BIOS patches to its R&D team datacenter.

San implentation and Support for their operation in penang
A leading service provider of semiconductor packaging design, bump, probe, assembly, test and distribution solutions.
We implement their San solutions and implement their Solaris , HPUX and Linux solutions infrastructure.
TRW Automotive is among the world's largest automotive suppliers and is one of the top financial performers in the industry, with 2008 sales of $15 billion.
We implement their Datacenter , san storage , operating system and more
Financial Institution

Tokyo Marine Insurance Bhd
We help Tokyo Marine Insurance to design and implement Linux Clustering solutions for its mission critical JPJ e-covernote MQ infrastructure with RewardLink and financial Link from hardware to software infrastructure.

Kurnia Insurance Bhd
We help Kurnia Insurance to design and implement Linux Clustering solutions for its mission critical JPJ e-covernote MQ infrastructure with RewardLink.

MBF Cards Bhd

we design and implement a robust multi-way clustered enviroment for MBF messaging enviroment with 1000 user and more.
Lembaga Hasil dalam negara ( Income tax )
In 2007, Synchroweb was invited to be the consultant and services deployment team to LHDN e-Filling Project by providing the entire system design and architecture for their IDC, Disaster Recovery(DR) and LHDN (HQ) for its needs. Synchroweb proposed in a mixture of DELL and IBM’s latest range of servers, storage and technology equipment to fit their purpose of providing the highest availability and efficiency for its online and successful e-filling system up to date.E-filling have been service to more than 1.5 million malaysia public user.

Ministry of Finance ( Malaysia )
We provide Virtualization consultancy and training to MOF malaysia.

Corporate Enterprise

DELL Asia Pacific
As DELL Local service provider for EMC storage , Linux , vmware solutions , we work hand in hand with dell to complete more than200 of project nationwide.

With IBM we help University Technology Malaysia ( UTM ) to implement a 16 node HPCC cluster with Myrinet Technology.
Courts Mammoth
We help implement Courts mammoth KL and Indonessia user authentication linkage on both sites.
AirAsia Bhd
Asia leading budget airlines , where everything is done eletronically. ClusterFlow is use to redirect its web traffic to their cluster of webserver. Using ClusterFlow , Airasia is able to scale on demand with its internet traffic need
MG is an leading internet e-commerce website
With clusterflow MG is able to deploy and cater a large scale userbase of 50,000 concurrent internet user persecond with over 200 server within its datacenter.


wilh wilhelmsen
Wilh. Wilhelmsen (Malaysia)
Wilh. WIlhelmsen a global maritime company with operation in Malaysia, part of its operations is to maintain a global fleet of martinetime operation.In order to maintain and protect their investment solutions provided by Synchroweb and DELL, Wilhelmsen signed up for our 24x7 SAN Support plan with Preventive maintenance, covering their Logical Unit Number (LUN) setups and configurations along with their SAN Health checks.
The Malaysian Administration Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
In conjuction with IBM Malaysia, Synchroweb provides MAMPU with its deployment services and project management in IBM’s SAN Implementation, Linux OS Clustering, Xen Virtualization, Database Migration of MySQL / PostgreSQL and Astaro Firewall for its infrastructure. A total turn-key redesign of their network and datacenter
  Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)
Synchroweb achieved the necessary High Availability (HA) services for its EARS project which took in a number of 100,000 hits per day on its web based application by providing RedHat Linux’s latest edition of clustering along with IBM’s Backup Tape Storage Library, Providing smooth transactions and safe copies of backup during the 2008 General Elections
Taylors University College (Malaysia)
Since year 2004, Synchroweb has been an advisor and consultant for Taylor’s Windows and Linux infrastructure. Synchroweb has provided the services of Microsoft OS Windows Clustering (MSCS), Linux Installations (RedHat, Fedora and CENTOS) and their EMC SAN Solutions for its infrastructure.